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Thank you for visiting IHS Projects. My general philosophy in life is to always find a way to fill a need and appreciate people for who they are- my work ethic is no different. There's beauty in being effective and efficient while also considering the humanity of who we are, what we do, and why we do it.


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How Did I Get Here?

As a lifelong human movement enthusiast, I set out to become a physical therapist shortly after high school. Eventually I would begin working as a fitness trainer, first independently and later for a health club. I became intrigued with human choice, motivation, and why they elude some. My training style quickly became strategic in nature and I have spent the last 16+ years closely observing this behavior.

My interest in human choice and motivation expanded from the gym to the workplace and finally to communities in general. I discovered a need for wellness programs that incorporate business sense, strategic approaches, effective programming, and mental health components. Intrinsic Health Strategies has been the cornerstone for my work and purpose, power, potential is my anthem.


IHS Projects exists as a project-based approach for improving health, fitness, and wellness in communities and organizations. I earned my BA in Project Management with a minor in psychology and am currently in a Masters program for Industrial Organizational (I/O) Psychology. I hold a NASM personal training certification and am a member of the American Psychological Association, American Counseling Association, and Project Management Institute. My goal is to provide projects that promote intrinsic health for the improvement of operations and community.


Collaborating is one of my favorite things. Let's connect to make an impact.


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