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Home Repairs & Remodel

Home Repairs & Remodel

Egg Harbor, NJ

Home Repair and Remodel

Industry: home ownership

Approach: lean agile

Project Length: 2 years

Project Team: home owners, project manager

April 26, 2023

April 30, 2025



To finish repairs and remodels despite limited time and budget.



The home owner is handy and has extensive repair knowledge.



Develop processes and timelines that will help the homeowners with future repairs. Preparing financially and mentally for future repairs.



Schedules and limited budget. Homeowner was injured at work and is now on worker's comp, further limiting the budget, but opening availability.



While the homeowner is seeking help, he also has a difficult time not doing everything himself. Owner tends to not plan and instead makes decisions at the moment. There is no procedure in place for unexpected repairs and no plan for coordinating remodels.

Project Scope

  • vet and schedule repair companies

  • coordinate projects to reduce loss of time and money

  • monitor project progress

  • supervise repairs when owner is unavailable

  • establish a long-term process for addressing repairs and remodels

Project Approach


The lean agile approach will allow the most important tasks to be strategically completed at minimal cost. The most important and the simplest repairs will be completed first as time and resources become available.



This project is still in progress. There have been delays due to the owner's back injury. However, the following has been completed:

  • porch railing removal

  • roof replacement

  • tankless water heater vetting



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