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Garden Zest Landscaping and Design

Garden Zest Landscaping and Design

Galloway, NJ

Business Start-up

Industry: landscaping

Approach: strategy session

Session Length: 3 hrs

Members: owner, project manager

December 21, 2021

December 21, 2021



Quickly growing, Garden Zest had issues related to accounting, invoicing, managing help/employees, and managing jobs.



Word of mouth business was this company's strength along with the owner's likability and sales skills. The landscaping industry is lucrative for companies who prove to do professional and reliable work. The owner's spouse is a partner.



There was an opportunity to create a 1-year, 3-year, and/or 5-year plan. The owner also had the opportunity to create a streamlined operations plan and an investment plan.



Anxieties over accruing extra costs could keep the owner from taking action.



The landscaping industry often struggles to acquire qualified and skilled personnel and is very competitive. While the owner has extensive experience in customer service, sales, and client management, this is the first registered business.



Strategy was approached with an agile sprint mentality. We looked to prioritize the top 3 issues: 1) invoice management, 2) accounting, and 3) employee management. From there, we discussed the potential directions that actionable steps could lead the owner.


  • continue as owner/operator and remove the priority of hiring help

  • create a more detailed job cost list to include all expenses related to a job (gas, milage, supplies etc.) that are in addition to labor/time and material

  • utilize free accounting software until revenue can justify hiring an accountant

  • transfer Excel list of services to accounting software for uniform invoicing and accounting

  • establish work stages: lead contacted - consultation paid - consultation completed - time allotted for estimate creation (job dependent) - job review - invoice generation and delivery - job start

  • generate revenue that will sustain/justify payroll



Garden Zest continues to flourish with its owner/operator. Revenue is better managed and losses due to process have diminished.

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