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Adalys Trains

Adalys Trains

Manhattan, NY (Upper East Side)

Fitness Business Start-up

Industry: fitness

Approach: agile

Project Length: 3 months

Project Team: project sponsor/customer/owner, project manager

January 8, 2023

May 1, 2023



To legitimize a robust personal training business whose brand embodies Adalys' methods, philosophy, and will eventually compliment an athleisure clothing line.



The owner was a seasoned personal trainer with a successful track record of satisfied lifetime clientele. Despite the pandemic, her loyal clients made adjustments to continue training with the owner. Her location, experience, reputation, and market trend made her a strong candidate for legitimizing her business and establishing her brand.



The owner had the opportunity to strategically position her training business/brand in a way that will fuel the exposure of her future clothing line. There were also opportunities to explore smaller profit centers within the fitness industry such as light fitness equipment and online programs.



The only foreseeable threat came from the owner's personal life. Starting a family can limit the time dedicated to tasks and extend the timeline due to unexpected events. The owner will be taking a trip to Italy by project end and this could cause further delay on already delayed tasks and a loss of focus upon return.



Weaknesses were minimal and largely related to the unpredictability of the fitness industry due to the pandemic. Starting a family inherently reduces the amount of time and resources that can be devoted toward a small business start-up. The owner failed to set a budget for the project.

Project Scope


Register and brand an existing personal training business to legitimize and scale it.

  • budget and timeline

  • identify and define core values

  • branding and company mission/vision

  • develop business structure and processes for daily operations

  • review of intake procedure

  • restructure/redesign existing website

  • integrate branding (social media, documents, website etc.)

  • explore profit centers

  • strategize for online program process

Project Approach


The tasks prepared for the initiation of the project were loosely dependent on each other, making agile the best management approach. Because the owner was established as a successful full-time personal trainer, every task without a predecessor could be immediately completed. Also, the scheduled trip to Italy at the end of March would cause the project to run on a sprint. Most time would be spent on branding and web restructuring/redesigning.



The project ran on time and below budget for about 90% of the project. There were delays with the logo design due to the graphic designer's poor communication. Once a new designer was secured, the project quickly regained momentum. In the final weeks, the owner's availalbility prevented completion of the project before the trip. Upon her return, the remaining tasks were completed. By project end the owner had:

  • branding

  • registered business

  • restructured/redesigned website

  • brand integration

  • a better strategy for adding profit centers

  • a better strategy for online programs



Accurate forecasting of time and expenses for this project was successful and allowed the owner to be less disappointed about delays. Knowing what to expect in terms of tasks and potential delays, motivated the owner to recover quickly and tackle the next task.

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